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Cory Dudley - Tennis Instructor

Meet El Dorado Ranch's Tennis Instructor, Cory Dudley. Cory didn't actually start getting serious about tennis until he was in his mid 40's. His tennis background includes a number of Club Championship trophies in doubles. Although he modestly credits these victories to having great doubles partners, we know Cory is quite adept at the game as well.

Cory played on a southern California team that won the respective USTA division and eventually played in the national championships in Orlando, Fl. The team finished in the top six teams in the nation for the 50 and over division. Cory was 64 years old at the time and was the "old man" on the team.

Mr. Dudley is a tennis addict and is a fine promoter of the game of tennis. He teaches "Smarter, Not Harder" tennis which emphasizes double's strategies, team work, high percentage shot selection, and ball placement. Cory is also very actively involved in assisting the local community children through his "Tots for Tennis" program which he founded last year. Having five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren of his own, who he loves to brag about, Cory has been exceptionally gifted in instructing children.

Due to Cory's enthusiasm and determination to assist others, tennis is becoming a favorite activity at El Dorado Ranch and the San Felipe area. Mr. Dudley commented, "more and more of the local players are now wearing tennis attire and have their own equipment. As more and more tennis becomes available down here the word will be, 'If you are going to San Felipe be sure and bring your tennis racquet.' "


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