El Dorado Ranch

El Dorado Ranch Restaurants

El Dorado Ranch suggests one of the two restaurants, at the Beach and Tennis Club La Palapa Bar and Grill and the Pavilion Restaurant at La Ventana del Mar Golf course. 

Pavilion Restaurant

Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7am to 10pm
Wednesday 7am to 10pm
Thursday 7am to 10pm
Friday 7am to 10pm
Saturday 7am to 10pm
Sunday 7am to 3pm

Located at the pavilion of Las Caras de Mexico Golf Course, at La Ventana del Mar.

Currently serves a number of purposes including main venue for golf course related services, including the temporary clubhouse for the golf course.

Make the trip the the Pavilion Restaurant and sample exceptionally fine dining being offered

La Palapa Bar & Grill

Hours of Operation
Tuesday9am to 5pm
Wednesday9am to 5pm
Thursday9am to 5pm
Friday9am to 5pm
Saturday9am to 5pm
Sunday9am to 3pm

The restaurant offers casual dining poolside at the El Dorado Ranch Beach and Tennis Club.

The La Palapa Bar & Grill has been fully remodeled, members can enjoy an assortment of drinks, appetizers, sandwiches and more while relaxing by the pool.

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