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The Ranch is San Felipe’s premier vacation resort. With Palapas in the foreground, the condos, golf course and 10,400 foot mountain range in the background, and the Sea of Cortez in the distance you can get a general feeling of the size of our beachfront facility. Here residents, members, and guests can enjoy a variety of activities and amenities.

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Discover the widest variety of accommodations available including rental homes, condos, hotel rooms and more. Additionally, first time visitors can experience El Dorado Ranch with one of our very best priced Travel Packages.

Golf Course

Boasting San Felipe’s first and only golf course. Our 18-hole championship golf course, Las Caras de Mexico (Faces of Mexico), offers golfers a round of golf like no other.

There are several on site restaurants; a beach and tennis club which includes a community center with 5 tennis courts and heated pool complex; La Palapa pool and pickleball complex; and an equestrian center. 

Some of the most popular activities are simply strolling along the empty beaches, clamming, shell collecting, reading a book, sunbathing, or water volleyball having a poolside drink while sampling the fresh Sea of Cortez shrimp at La Palapa Pool Side Bar and Grill or The Pavilion Restaurant. Enjoy the popular Movie Nights at The Pavilion.

The warm year round climate at El Dorado Ranch makes it ideal for Tennis and pickleball. We have a fantastic tennis and pickleball programs at El Dorado Ranch for everyone.

Pickleball has become a staple for our recreational activities as members and guests of allabilities take part in our program. We currently have a pickleball membership of 179 players and supporters. We have tournaments during the winter season and a major 4-5 day annual tournament. For more information Click Here.

Nearby are off road vehicle rentals, guided desert tours, hiking, and a lot more guaranteed enough activity for the entire family

The Sea of Cortez contains some of the finest fishing in the world. Jacque Cousteau named the Sea of Cortez as the “World’s Aquarium” with over 900 fish species and 32 types of marine mammals who breed there.

Fishing is available by boat or shore. The most common fish caught immediately off San Felipe is the Corvina or Sea Bass. Larger Sea Bass (Grouper), Triggerfish, and Snapper are typically caught “bottom fishing.” Trolling is also a popular means of fishing and as you venture down the coast of the Baja, schools of tuna, yellowtail, dorado (aka: mahi mahi, dolphin fish), and billfish such as Marlin, are often taken by such means.

The Sea of Cortez has historically been an extremely productive habitat and fishing is deeply rooted into the history of San Felipe and El Dorado Ranch. In fact, we have an El Dorado Ranch Fishing Club. San Felipe still remains a quiet fishing village today. And the magical fishing stories you hear from the Sea of Cortez had something to do with the naming of El Dorado Ranch. The original owner named our Ranch El Dorado after he returned from a fantastic day of catching the dorado fish.

San Felipe has always been a fishing village due to the abundance of ocean resources. Not only are “game fish” regularly caught, but shell fish such as blue crab and shrimp are also a big part of the local diet. And, you’ll definitely want to sample some of these recipes while you’re visiting the Ranch.

When you visit the Ranch, we will be happy to assist you in finding a guide, boat, and equipment if needed and get you some help locating the hot fishing spots.


Today greater awareness and interest in Ecotourism is ensuring a different attitude to the natural environment. Now we have the Upper Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve which is run by the Unesco Natural Biosphere Reserves Program.


Valley of the Giants

This Natural Reserve in San Felipe is the only place in the world you will find the thousand year old Cardon Cactus. This area has become a major visitor’sattraction due to the selection of one of these giant specimens that was transported to Seville, Spain during World Expo ’92. The area has also become a favorite spot for photographers worldwide as it is a superb background for photo sessions.

Konsag Island

Konsag is plainly visible from the beach at any point around the San Felipe bay, appearing at first glance to be a sail. It is reachable by boat in 45 minutes or so under normal conditions and it is a great place to watch sea lions, seals and colonies of sea birds, as well as a sports fishing.


Ninety kilometers south of San Felipe is a settlement called Puertecitos (little port) where thermal waters bubble and soothe. There is a small hotel, a gas station, a boat ramp and other services, including telephones.

Punta Estrella

Punta Estrella has a breathtaking panoramic view beyond the meaning of the word as it encompasses the whole bay to the west and northwest and the Sea of Cortez to the east.

Artificial Reefs

In March of 1991 the three levels of Government and the San Felipe community organized a Program of Artificial reefs to attract fish and provide better sport fishing, with the addition of more spawning grounds and of more natural production of biological resources .

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