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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay my annual renewal fee?

If you don’t have your renewal form to send by mail, you can click here to pay by credit card online or mail a check payment to

El Dorado Ranch
PO Box 3088
Englewood, CO 80155

How can I check my account status or make changes to my account?

Please email member services at dol@eldoradoranch.com with your request.

What is the difference in the new membership extension version of my original Deed of License that expired in 2019? 

In putting together the new membership program we had several goals:

        1. Preserve every dollar you have ever spent on the original Deed of License Membership and return it to you in the form of credit with the Ranch.
        2. To provide you with the opportunity to upgrade to a privatized lot that is not subject to expiration, one that is accessible by road, is larger in size, is closer to the beach, and has both sea and mountain views.
        3. To provide membership benefits and value that substantially exceeds the amount of the annual dues.

We believe we have accomplished all three.  The program now has these benefits:

        1. A complimentary 3-day/2-night stay in the developer’s hotel. In addition to lodging, welcome drinks, a breakfast for two, a dinner for two, and a tour of the Ranch are included in this visit. If you golf, the Developer will even throw in a free round of golf for two of you during this visit. Access to the many amenities is available during the complimentary stay only. 
        2. A developer inventory of privatized lots for members only with a $2,000 credit applicable towards a developer lot. The developer is offering up to $5,000 credit for select lots as well.  Upon upgrade to a developer lot, you will have all owner benefits including access to 100% of the amenities 365 days a year.
        3. 10% off Ranch services when visiting.

If I have more than one DOL, do I get a $2,000 credit for each DOL?

You receive a $2,000 credit per upgraded lot. In other words, if you have two DOLs then you could get a $4,000 credit toward the purchase of two lot upgrades. If you have three DOLs then you could get $6,000 off three upgraded lots, etc. However, you cannot combine the credit towards the purchase of a single lot.

How can I transfer my DOL membership to someone else?  

Please mail your transfer instructions and $25 transfer fee payment to:

El Dorado Ranch
PO Box 3088
Englewood, CO 80155

In the event of my death, how does my beneficiary assume my DOL membership benefits?  

Your estate can email the request to dol@eldoradoranch.com or follow the transfer instructions above.

Can my friend or family member become a member?

During the approximately 30-plus years that the membership program has been in existence, we have had some members who have passed away without being able to transfer to a family member or friend.  We do have a few DOL accounts that we can transfer to friends or family members of current members.  Please email dol@eldoradoranch.com if interested.

Who do I contact for more information?

For assistance with Travel or Sales please call 1-800-404-2599

For questions regarding your DOL account or to update your account information, please email dol@eldoradoranch.com or mail to

El Dorado Ranch
PO Box 3088
Englewood, CO 80155

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